About Us

Bagadthey Financial Services (BFS) is one of the leading financial solution providers, specializing in mutual funds. We help clients with their different investment needs, also extending our services to ensure their all-around financial stability and well-being.


Led by Mr. Vikram Sudhakar Bagadthey, we are a team of financial experts that belts extensive qualification and experience in different segments of the financial market. We offer mutual fund investment solutions, excelling at managing large equity mutual fund portfolios.

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Owing to our unparalleled track record and a commitment for clients’ best experience, BFS is a name trusted by many investors. We offer 360 mutual fund solutions. In addition, BFS also offers several other services, assuring to cover various financial needs and goals of the clients adequately.

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Soon after when the dot-com bubble burst, in 2003, Mr. Vikram Sudhakar Bagadthey took his first in the financial market. In 2006, BFS was managing assets worth INR 100 crores. In 2006 and 2008, Mrs. Radhika Bagadthey and Mr. Akshay Vikram Bagadthey joined the team respectively, amplifying BFS to the next level.

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Our Services

At BFS, we strive to deliver our clients maximum convenience and 100 percent satisfaction. While our core concentration stands at managing equity mutual fund portfolios, we also offer various other services, including:


  • 1. Cash Flow Planning
  • 2. Risk Profiling
  • 3. Active Portfolio Management
  • 4. Wealth Management
  • 5. Retirement Planning
  • 6. Goal-Based Financial Planning
  • 7. Children’s Higher Education Planning
  • 8. Children’s Marriage Planning
  • 9. Tax Planning u/s 80C
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  • 1. Finalization of Books of Accounts
  • 2. Filing of IT Returns
  • 3. Filling of TDS Returns
  • 4. Auditing of Accounts
  • 5. GST Registration
  • 6. GST Filling, Audit, Reconciliation and Cancellation
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Corporate Affairs

  • 1. Incorporation of Proprietorship Firms
  • 2. Incorporation of Partnership Firms
  • 3. Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership
  • 4. Incorporation of Private Limited Companies
  • 5. Incorporation of Business and Charitable Trust
  • 6. Company Law and Compliances
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Mutual Funds


Liquid Funds, as the name suggests, invest predominantly in highly liquid money market instruments and debt securities of very short tenure and hence provide high liquidity.


A debt fund is a mutual fund scheme that invests in fixed income instruments, such as Corporate and Government Bonds, corporate debt securities, and money market instruments etc. that offer capital appreciation. Debt funds are also referred to as Income Funds or Bond Funds.


A balanced fund combines equity stock component, a bond component and sometimes a money market component in a single portfolio. Generally, these hybrid funds stick to a relatively fixed mix of stocks and bonds that reflects either a moderate, or higher equity, component, or conservative, or higher fixed-income, component orientation.


An equity fund is a mutual fund scheme that invests predominantly in equity stocks. In the Indian context, as per current SEBI Mutual Fund Regulations, an equity mutual fund scheme must invest at least 65% of the scheme’s assets in equities and equity related instruments.


Gold funds are open-ended fund of fund scheme investing in units of Gold Exchange Traded Fund. It is ideal for Investors looking to diversify from other asset classes.


Investments of up to Rs. 1,50,000 made in ELSS funds are treated as a standard deduction from GTI u/s 80C of the Income tax Act.

Our Achievements

Press coverage

The expertise, opinions, and marvelous work of the team at Bagadthey Financial Services (BFS) have been covered in top publications, attracting mass attention and praises.

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Awards and Accolades

Since inception, we have flagged many milestones and won numerous awards. It stands as a true testament to the quality of services we deliver to our clients.

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