About Us

About Us

Bagadthey Financial Services (BFS) stands as one of the well-renowned names in the mutual fund industry today. Founded with a fundamental objective of helping investors build a high – worth portfolio, we are a reputed mutual fund investment solutions provider, trusted by hundreds of clients. While we do extend our services to different ends, our core specialization remains with equity mutual funds. And it is one of the key USPs that define and differentiate BFS from other financial advisors. Our narrow intent gives us an expert-edge. So, we truly ‘specialize where others generalize’.
BFS homes a team of experts. Mr. Vikram Sudhakar Bagadthey is a certified professional, bagging 17 years of rich experience. Over the course, he has helped investors with impeccable investment plans per their unique goals and risk profiles, enabling them on a path to financial prosperity. Mr. Akshay Vikram Bagadthey, is a Certified Financial Planner, while CA Nikhita Khurana is a practising CA who also boasts a CS degree under her belt. We come together to form a strong and stable team that works to help mutual fund investors achieve financial growth and sustainability.

Why BFS?

End-to-end solutions

When it comes to mutual fund investment, BFS is a specialized name that comes out with confidence. We offer 360 solutions, ranging from assessing investors’ risk management to outlining them a smart investment plan. We hold their hands and cover the distance with them.

‘Other’ Financial Services

Outside our core solution of advising on and managing equity mutual fund portfolios, we offer a range of other services. It includes the entire gamut of Investment Services, Tax Consultancy Services as well as Incorporation Services. So, with us, you get more (and then some more).

Qualified experts

When it comes to your hard-earned money and securing a happy future for your family, never settle for anyone but an expert that specializes in the game. Out central focus is on mutual fund investment. We specialize in this. Our experts are certified.

Extensive experience

We don’t just say we are the best – we have a track record that vouches for that. Over the course of 17 years, we have worked with thousands of clients in different capacities. The hands-on experience enables us to provide superior quality financial solutions.

Personalized touch

The longevity and market-wide recognition of BFS lies a lot in our dedication to make this more than just about money and business. When dealing with clients, we focus on building lasting relationships. Our services exude a personalized touch.

100 percent satisfaction

We don’t just offer financial services – we offer an experience. Effective communication, mutual respect, and transparency are the cornerstone of our success. We work along with the clients, per their unique needs and goals, delivering them an experience and 100 percent satisfaction.


Our History

In the aftermath of the dot-com bubble, Mr. Vikram Sudhakar Bagadthey took his first step in the financial market in March 2003 after getting his Association of Mutual Funds certification. And since then, there has been no looking back. The early exposure to a melted market where investors were in paranoia and fear of losing money enabled Mr. Vikram with market insights and practicality. He used that period to work with many clients in outlining their investment plans.
By the year 2006, now working on a larger and wider scale, BSF was managing assets worth INR 100 crores. The growth needed more manpower. In 2008, Mr. Akshay Vikram Bagadthey was welcomed; a Certified Financial Planner with a background in economics and finance, he brought to the team an edge and a dynamic appeal.. As the structure and responsibilities grew further, CA Nikhita Khurana was welcomed onto the BFS team.
Collectively, the think-tank of the team successfully combatted the Global Financial Crisis, ensuring all the open equity positions were safely parked in liquid funds just in time.
Since then, to date, BFS has maneuvered many economic downturns and contractions, maintaining the faith of the clients and keeping their financial well-being intact.