Our Services


At BFS, we strive to deliver our clients maximum convenience and 100 percent satisfaction. While our core concentration stands at managing equity mutual fund portfolios, we also offer various other services, including:


Cash flow planning

We create a cash flow report that is intended to offer you insights into your financial standings. It undertakes your income, expenses, liabilities, and assets to outline how you can achieve consistent cash flow and secure a strong financial position in the long-run.

Risk profiling

Should you take that financial risk or no? Our risk profiling assesses clients’ risk tolerance by taking into account several key factors, including their current financial standing, credit score, portfolio, and more. The objective is to minimize their financial risks and optimize the returns.

Active Portfolio Management

This is a specialized service provided by the team at BFS. We help you manage the monthly optimum debt and equity exposure on your mutual fund portfolio. Thereby, minimizing and managing the overall risk and maximizing the return. APM delivers higher returns when compared to passive and traditional investment methods such as SIPs and STPs.

Wealth Management

Adhering to the age old saying ‘do not put all your eggs in one basket’, is of paramount importance when it comes to an investment portfolio. We at BFS provide expertise in wealth management services, thereby providing our clients with a diversified portfolio, enabling them to realise their financial goals in the most efficient manner.

Retirement Planning

It’s never too early to plan for retirement. Start taking effective measures starting today to ensure a healthy and happier life for yourself and the family once you have retired. We help you move in the right direction with the right plan.

Goal-Based Financial Planning

Have a well-defined financial plan with clear (and measured) objectives that secure your and your family’s future. It includes making the right investment decisions, effective asset allocation, proper risk management, and much more.

Children’s Higher Education Planning

Formulate your kids’ brighter future ahead of time. With (good) colleges getting costlier by passing day, start planning for your child’s higher education from today.

Children’s Marriage Planning

Celebrate your son’s or daughter’s wedding with all the grandeur. It’s never too early to start planning for their marriage – to financially prepare for the big day.

Tax Planning u/s 80C

Enjoy tax benefits to keep an even bigger pie of your income with yourself. Thousands of financially savvy people are saving big on taxes – and so can you.


Finalization of Books of Accounts

Don’t hassle about finalization. Let our experts take care of your books of accounts. From preparing trial balance to tallying balances – we offer an end-to-end solution.

Filling of IT Returns

We cover individuals, HUF, Partnership Firms, LLP, Company, and Trusts. Now never sweat about filing your IT Returns every year. We have you covered.

Filling of TDS Returns

This can be confusing for many. Besides, when you have so many things to attend to, this is the last thing you want to DIY. Trust our experts for this.

Payroll Processing

The bigger the workforce, the more challenging it gets to manage the salaries/wages of the employees. We have extensive experience in this area.

Professional Tax Registration

If you aren’t versed with the process, applying for Registration Certificate at the State Tax Department can seem like a daunting task. With our experts by your side, get complete assistance.

MSME Registration

Kudos, you’re starting a new business. Now let’s get it registered that can avail you many benefits. Our experts will guide you throughout the process, successfully (and quickly) registering your establishment.

GST Registration

With so much confusion around GST still out there, getting help with GST registration from professionals is a good idea. We assist businesses with this, which also covers temporary GST registration.

GST Filling, Reconciliation, and Cancellation

Don’t let the process scare you. Yes, GST filing, reconciliation, and cancelation can be a tedious task. So, take the hands of proficient experts who do it every day for hundreds of large companies and startups.

Tax Consultancy Services

The theories aren’t that simple. Trying to understand the tax system can feel overwhelming. So, if you require help dealing with your taxes, trust Bagadthey Financial Services (BFS).


Incorporation of Proprietorship Firms

Start your one-person business without any legal obstructions. Easily register your business and open a Current bank account on the name of your business.

Incorporation of Partnership Firms

You and friend stumbled onto a sure-shot winner of a business idea? Let the experts at BFS help you realise it. Don’t fuss about the registration process. We bring extensive experience in incorporation services for partners.

Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership

Don’t let the incorporation process hinder your dreams of building a big business. Work along with the best experts and get complete assistance with LLP registration.

Incorporation of Private Limited Companies

Don’t waste your time on handling the incorporation of a private limited company when you should be focusing on your business and product. Let us handle that end.

Incorporation of Business and Charitable Trust

Bagadthey Financial Services (BFS) is trusted by many for the best incorporation services. So, whether you’re launching a profitable business or charitable trust, trust our experts to take care of the incorporation process.

Company Law and Compliances

Don’t get hit by the legal roadblocks. Stay on the right course by adhering to the law and required compliances. We help our clients with complete company law and compliances solution.